Enrollment and Fees


Menu for Change enrollment and fees: If you are interested in enrolling, we suggest that you review the Program Participation Agreement and the Intake Form. Please call Dr. Baumgaertel’s office if you have any questions or if you would like to enroll.

Once enrolled, please bring the completed Intake Form with you to your first visit. Copies of the Program Participation Agreement will be provided and signed at that time.


Menu For Change mugs
MFC mugs. Menu For Change is a Seattle based weight management and wellness program, promoting empowerment and accountability with a lasting impact.

We have made every effort to ensure this program is cost effective compared to the pricing of other local and regional weight management programs.

Enrollment is $500, followed by $175 monthly fees for the first six months. Continued participation from months 6-12 is only $75 per month. Maintenance beyond this time is $25 per month. There are discounts for full payment up front. You may also choose to pay the enrollment fee over the first six months. After the three intake visits, your insurance will be billed for follow-up visits with Dr. Baumgaertel and Dr. Baum. Follow-up visits with Carrie Dennett are included in the program fees.