I am thrilled to be a part of Dr. Baumgaertel’s Menu for Change program. Integral to this program is the understanding that we are unique individuals and require a personalized approach. This idea is what originally drew me towards natural medicine. I did my graduate work at Bastyr University, having traveled 3,000 miles from Chapel Hill, NC to be part of an idea. A part of Bastyr’s vision is to recognize that the body, mind and spirit are inseparable. As a Naturopathic physician, I work to bring those variables into balance with my patients.

In addition to my work with Menu for Change, I teach Nutrition and Biology at Seattle Central Community College. In my teaching, I help students navigate the vast world of conflicting messages they are bombarded with from media and the internet as well as from their friends and loved ones. It can be confusing to wade through the sea of recommendations on “low fat,” “low carb,” “anti-inflammatory,” “paleo,” etc.  I bring this knowledge to my patients as well.

It is my passion to work on establishing the foundation of health with my patients. We all have decades of a particular routine under our belts. One of our goals will be to air out the closet and keep only the elements that are serving your health needs. Believe it or not, this process of getting healthy can be fun, manageable, and encouraging.

I see myself as your guide on this journey of health. I’m here to offer information in response to your needs. This can take us on discussions of sleep, physical activity, and the psychology behind food choices. That’s what I love about the Menu for Change program – it allows us time to spend together to find the right approach for you.

Let the journey begin!